Security Bars

Orange County Iron Works Can Custom Build And Design Security Bars For Your Home, Office Or Commercial Installation.

Security is essential to safeguarding your valuables and even your family and loved ones. At Orange County IronWorks we understand the importance of security, which is why we can custom design and build security bars and doors for your home, office, or commercial installation. the added value of protection that security bars and doors provide is a perfect complement to iron gates and iron fences.

Wrought Iron Security Bars For Windows

Not all windows are created equal. some are very small and some are very very big in fact there are round ones, square ones and rectangular ones. With that in mind, Orange County Iron Works can custom design security bars for just about any type of window so that the installation is seamless and a perfect fit. Security bars provide both security and peace of mind, security bars alongside other security measures such as alarms and video monitoring can deter vandals from making your home or office a potential target for vandalism. Call us today and let us put together a complete security bar package for you.

Wrought Iron Security Doors

Concerned about who enters your home or office? Want to maintain a monitoring distance or perhaps control points of entry. Iron Security Doors are a perfect solution to monitor and restrict entry into your home or office. Gone are the days of heavy and eyesore iron doors. Our master craftsmen and designers can custom design and build an iron door that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. We are confident that you will be very happy with our design and work. Call us today for more information.

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